Politics in Australia

Australian Liberty Alliance party logo

Australian Liberty Alliance party logo

In modern day Australia we are faced with a brand of fatalism when it comes to federal election day. We know for a fact that only one of two parties will be elected to govern the country – either the Labor party or the Liberal party.

Why is this? Mainly because most Australians have been indoctrinated from their youth to vote either Liberal or Labor by their parents, without giving any thought as to what they truly think themselves, doing some research, and forming thoughts of their own. And, this indoctrination is reinforced by whichever mainstream media outlet they choose to follow.

I’m certain that many Australians wish there was a party capable of seriously challenging Liberal and Labor at a federal election – a party which had a realistic hope of being elected to govern Australia with just laws in the interests of the people inhabiting Australia (apart from Muslims – who are only here to enforce Islam and Sharia Law on Australian people who want nothing to do with Islam or Sharia Law).

In October 2o15, there will be one political party which is at least better than the lesser of two evils on offer – Liberal and Labor: the Australian Liberty Alliance party. Because they stand for basic Australian civil values, and want nothing to do with Islam or Sharia Law.

Q Society of Australia Inc

Q Society of Australia Inc

The Australian Liberty Alliance party are aligned with The  Q Society (Australia’s leading Islam-critical movement). This is a good thing because Islam is an evil ideology that was conceived in Hell by the devil himself, and passed on to his willing servant, the paedophilic warmonger Mohammed.

Whether or not you want to believe it, Islam and Muslims pose the greatest threat to world peace and the Australian way of life, because Islam and Sharia Law are evil, and all Muslims not only believe in Islam and Sharia Law, they see it as their holy duty to enforce Sharia Law onto every country they migrate to.

Meanwhile, Tony Abbott can’t even use the words Islam or Muslims in relation to the Islamic State. He can only call IS a death cult. And Labor would have us accept every Muslim refugee on offer.

I would encourage everyone who reads this post to read what is on Australian Liberty Alliance and the Q Society’s webpages.

And this article in particular from the Q Society:  Twelve Practical Steps to Stop Islamisation


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