HALAL TAX RETURN TIME (via the Pickering Post)

This is a very interesting read from one of the contributors to Larry Pickering’s website, The Pickering Post, titled Halal Tax Return Time.

Many of us are struggling to complete our tax returns at this time of year. There is one insidious tax which we need to deal with however and this must be submitted by 31st of July. The cut off date for submissions to the Halal investigation is July 30th.

It is important that we make our feelings felt as this is our chance to make some important changes. How these submissions are written is important because a badly worded one is more harmful than none at all. I have therefore laid out a few facts and guidelines to help people who wish have their say.

By arguing for clear labelling, we can kill the halal scam dead in the water. Consumers will boycott halal in droves when they are informed. That is why food producers either hide halal labels or refuse to attach them. If halal foods are separated altogether, how many people will be shopping in the halal isle of Coles or Woolies?

It’s written by Harry Richardson, who is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, “the Story Of Mohammed – Islam Unveiled’, http://thestoryofmohammed.blogspot.com

Harry RIchardson

Harry RIchardson



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