An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

The most dangerous man in Australia

The most dangerous man in Australia

An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

Dear Tony,

I know you are a Baptised Catholic, that you were educated at a Jesuit college, St Ignatius’ at Riverview, and that you attended St Patrick’s seminary at Manly, and that you were, and still are, a big fan of Bob Santamaria.

But, you were born in 1957.

By the time Vatican II Council was convened, you were only five-years old. (Vatican Council II ran from 11 October 1962 – 8 December 1965)

Vatican Council II tossed nearly all of the Catholic Faith out the window (the window Pope John XXIII referred to as opening in order to let a breath of fresh air into the Catholic Church) Pope Paul VI then released a papal encyclical, Gaudium et Spes, about the Church in the modern world, which basically stated that because the modern world had changed, Catholic Dogma must change to ‘keep up with the times.’ This document may as well have been entitled The Catholic Church Embraces Heresy, and Hereby Renounces The Catholic Faith.

Vatican II was a pastoral council, not a dogmatic council, as in, it defined no new dogma, nor did it condemn any heresies, which is what Church councils are normally called for, not to Protestantise the Catholic Faith.

By the time you were at St Ignatius College, the Catholic Church was preaching a Protestantised version of Catholicism and, in many instances, outright heresy.

It follows that the formation of your intellect and conscience in relation to the Catholic Truth is anything but Catholic.

This would go a long to way to explaining why you didn’t take issue with Malcolm Turnbull’s challenge to your leadership (when you had full foreknowledge of it), and sprouted a modernist, liberal interpretation of why you didn’t. To paraphrase you, you said something along the lines of, “If you are worried about what’s behind your back, you’re not looking forward and doing your job.”

No wonder you got stabbed in the back so easily.

In Jesuit theology (not the modernist, liberal rubbish you learned) St Ignatius refers to the two camps – one is for God, the other is for the devil (the enemy). St Ignatius would never recommend that you didn’t keep an eye on the devil in the name of looking forward to keep your mind on the job at hand. He would consider it imperative to know your enemy, and get rid of the enemy, otherwise risk being defeated by the enemy. It matters little whether the enemy is within or without your own camp, openly in front of you, or behind you, or invisible. It is still your enemy. To ignore your enemy, then justify it as keeping your mind on the job, is an absolute delusion and falsehood, and sheer ignorance.

The Catholic Crusades were a response to Islam’s invasion of the Holy Lands (Forget what lies the modern media teaches people, and what rubbish is taught in modern Catholic schools, universities and seminaries)

Malcolm Turnbull is a great supporter of Islam and Muslims, as is Julie Bishop. By adopting modernist, liberal Catholic thinking, you have refused to join the crusade (or lead it) after working so hard for so long to lay the groundwork for it with your Stop the Boats policy. But you have effectively abandoned ship when Australia needed you most – just as the Muslim Invasion is about to get worse.

I hope you stay in politics, but not if you’re not going to learn what it means to be a Catholic, first. You’ll be about as useful in a political sense as George Pell is in a Catholic sense. Useless.

John 6:61
This saying is hard, and who can hear it?

Matthew 13:9
He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

I don’t want the entire message to be critical, but I prefer to get to the point, and give the arse-licking, brown-nosing sycophantism a miss most days.

Thank you for putting a temporary halt to the Islamification of Australia by implementing your Stop the Boats policy, and sticking to it.

The Liberal Party under Malcolm Turnbull is, for want of a better colloquialism, stuffed.

If you are truly interested in the future of Australia, I can only suggest you do some research into the Australian Liberty Alliance party. And offer them the benefit of your political experience. They don’t align themselves with any religious belief. You’ll fit right in.


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