If America’s Constitution was so great, why so many amendments?

America's First Muslim President - Obama

America’s First Muslim President – Obama

America is being Islamified. At a rapid rate. Voting a Muslim in as President for two terms is partly responsible. Voting Obama in for one term was dumb enough. But two? Americans so craved their first black president, they were prepared to vote in a brown Muslim and go, that’s close enough?

Americans pride themselves on their Constitution. But it’s seriously flawed. As is their thinking.

The First Amendment is a joke. It prohibits the impeding of the free exercise of religion (all religions).

If America were a truly Christian country (and for that they, would have to be Catholic) they would prohibit the exercise of any religion other than the Catholic religion. An unpopular view (even among pseudo/qausi Christians [the majority of modern Christians?]), but nevertheless a view I hold to be the Truth. (You can always read someone else’s blog if you don’t like it?).

But America wasn’t founded by Catholics. It was founded by Protestants. A brief history? Henry VIII protested against Rome (the Papacy) and God’s laws prohibiting divorce. He set up the Anglican religion (Protestant) so he could get a divorce under his own authority, and commit adultery, over-and-over again. Protestants are not called Protestants for no reason. They protest against God’s laws. Certain people protested against Henry VIIIs Protestant religion, and set off for America. The Pilgrims. They arrived, then certain Pilgrims protested against the Pilgrims running whatever Protestant sect they thought they were running, and set up a new Protestant sect. Then certain members of the new Protestant sect protested against certain members of the new Protestant sect, and set up their new, new Protestant sect. And so on. Until you have modern day America. A country full of 100s of Protestant sects all claiming they are the only true Christians.

And since the First Amendment (which they all live and swear by) prohibits the impeding of the free exercise of all religions, they can’t prohibit Islam. So they really only have themselves to blame. They wanted a wishy-washy Protestant version of God. They got it. In spades.

It’s time America amended the First Amendment, and prohibited the exercise of Islam.

It’s time Americans who style themselves Christian became Catholic. Then they would see things a lot clearer, and have more clarity of thought on such matters.

As Bishop Williamson said to the American seminarians, “Love your country, but love it wisely.” Something Americans need to learn how to do, instead of going all gung-ho over their flawed constitution, and their 100s of Protestant sects.


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4 Responses to If America’s Constitution was so great, why so many amendments?

  1. moonskittles says:

    Smirking and smiling! Loved it!


  2. Every word true. I don’t blame Amercians for voting for Obama the first time, his message was compelling, but the second time after four years of failure, well, that showed how idiotic the public can be. For seven years Obama has defended everything Islamic, while encouraging (through political correctness) the public to stop saying something as harmless as Merry Christmas. Christians were beheaded as he played golf. He even had the audacity to say what ISIS was doing (the beheadings) was nothing compared to what the Christians did during the Crusades. I think he has been one of the worst Presidents in American history, perhaps I am wrong. But I am certain, he has been the most anti-American President without a doubt.


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