Hal and Al is dedicated to exposing the idiocy and ignorance behind belief in the evil ideology that is Islam, its (non) god Allah, its paedophilic, warmongering (non) prophet Mohammed, and correcting the erroneous opinions that there is a distinction between radical and moderate Muslims, and that the Islamic State (IS) have interpreted the Koran wrongly, when they follow it to the letter.
It is understandable that Muslims believe in Islam because they are indoctrinated into its evil ideology from infancy. However, non-Muslims, instead of researching Islam, rejecting and criticising it as an evil ideology, become Muslim/Islam apologists, due to ignorance and the fear of being branded racist, bigoted or politically incorrect.
Let us get one fact clear immediately: Islam is not a race. Muslims are a group of people of various races scattered throughout the world who believe in the evil ideology of Islam. It follows that is it is impossible to be a racist for criticising Islam because Islam is not a race, or be branded racist for criticising Muslims, because they do not belong to a race. This cannot be repeated too often. Let it sink in.
Secondly, it is ludicrous/laughable that a person would be accused of being an intolerant bigot for criticising Muslims who believe in Islam, or Islam itself, when Islam is the most bigoted, intolerant ideology of all, and Muslims are intolerant of anyone (“infidels”) who do not believe in the evil ideology of Islam. The real bigots are Muslims.
Political Correctness is one of the banes of modern society. The truth will always offend certain people and/or certain groups. Political Correctness should be defined as a cowardly avoidance of speaking the truth. A politically correct person should be defined as a cowardly person who is afraid of the repercussions of speaking the truth.

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