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If America’s Constitution was so great, why so many amendments?

America is being Islamified. At a rapid rate. Voting a Muslim in as President for two terms is partly responsible. Voting Obama in for one term was dumb enough. But two? Americans so craved their first black president, they were … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

An Open Letter to Tony Abbott Dear Tony, I know you are a Baptised Catholic, that you were educated at a Jesuit college, St Ignatius’ at Riverview, and that you attended St Patrick’s seminary at Manly, and that you were, … Continue reading

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1001 (mythical) Muslim inventions (via Pamela Geller)

So Muhammad invented the toothbrush? How come Muslims still wipe their arses with their hands? Muhammad was the first man to use an object to clean his teeth? Color me laughing. In reality, the bristle toothbrush wasn’t invented until 1498, in … Continue reading

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HALAL TAX RETURN TIME (via the Pickering Post)

This is a very interesting read from one of the contributors to Larry Pickering’s website, The Pickering Post, titled Halal Tax Return Time. Many of us are struggling to complete our tax returns at this time of year. There is … Continue reading

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Bill Warner PhD: Political Islam – Questions and Answers


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Call for schools to teach a positive view of Islam while branding Australia racist

– taken from the Australian Conservative website. Click Here to read the full article. Imagine the howls of outrage from the secular non-believers if the Catholic Church argued that every school subject had to include a Catholic perspective and that understanding … Continue reading

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An article on the Islamic future of Britain. If Australians don’t educate themselves on Islam, we will be facing the Islamic future of Australia.

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